The journey begins

We leave Oslo Airport on Saturday to travel northbound, where we put op our camp in the middle of nature next to a lake. You’re sleeping under a tarp you will set up yourself, which will protect you for the rain. The week has no fixed program, although we do have a rucksack full of options to facilitate the week. The rhythm of nature will guide us what to use and what not to use.

Wilderness living

Thoralf, our local guide, will teach you his most essential wilderness living skills. We are responsible ourselves to gather, catch, and prepare part of the food. Nets and fishing rods will be supplied to be able to catch trout. Depending on the season we are able to find berries, mushroom, and roots. When we are still hungry we can always eat ants, an experience you will not forget!

Nature connection

During the week Thoralf will share his ways to connect with nature and we will facilitate you to experience the same. We use traditions and rituals that have been used by native tribes for centuries. What these elements will bring you is something you cannot prepare for. One thing is certain, nature connection will trigger something. Ranging from new insights, (disturbing) questions which pop up, or the discovery of your true potential. .. And something that is impossible to describe in words. To deepen that experience we will also facilitate the process of reflection and connecting to each other.

Alone and together

During the week you decide what you do! You can go on an hiking adventure by yourself, or join a few other to go fishing. Especially the mix between sharing experiences and having your solo time creates an extra layer to the week. We will end the week with a 24 hour solo, the ultimate way to experience nature connection.

On Saturday we break down the camp and head back to Oslo Airport. From there you can choose to travel back to your homebase, or decide to enjoy the Norwegian nature for a bit longer.


The price for this trip is €1750 (business tariff) or €1350,- (personal or freelance tariff). This excludes transportation to and from Oslo. If you join this trip from a business and personal leadership perspective, the costs are tax deductible (personal development/coaching). When you are an entrepreneur or when your employer is paying (part of) the costs, this is possible.

Before the trip starts, we will invite you for an intake where we facilitate you to deepen your intention for the trip.

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